Have a little faith

Lets talk about good ole Abe.

Abraham was a God fearing man, obedient in all things, and the father of all generations. He used to have frequent conversations with God and angels FACE TO FACE! But even though he had alllllllll these credentials, God still had to ask him for his Isaac, his only son with his wife Sarah, his son through which God SWORE to him this:

No! You and Sarah will have a son. His name will be Isaac,[c] and I will make an everlasting promise to him and his descendants.

20 I have heard what you asked me to do for Ishmael, and so I will also bless him with many descendants. He will be the father of twelve princes, and I will make his family a great nation. 21 But your son Isaac will be born about this time next year, and the promise I am making to you and your family will be for him and his descendants forever.

So he obeyed. He was wise enough to know that God cannot lie (Gods word is so final and creative that if He were to tell a lie, which we know is impossible, it would become the truth SIMPLY BECAUSE HE IS THE ONE SAYING IT) and he thought okay well if he’s promising me all these things through my son who he’s now asking me to kill as a sacrifice then he must be about to bring him back to life so I will see him as such: Already brought back to life. What would he have to fear of losing if what he was losing was already given back to him in his mind? So he took Isaac us to the mountain and just as he was about to kill him an angel of the Lord appeared and said:

12 “Don’t hurt the boy or harm him in any way!” the angel said. “Now I know that you truly obey God, because you were willing to offer him your only son.”

16 You were willing to offer the Lord your only son, and so he makes you this solemn promise, 17 “I will bless you and give you such a large family, that someday your descendants will be more numerous than the stars in the sky or the grains of sand along the beach. They will defeat their enemies and take over the cities where their enemies live. 18 You have obeyed me, and so you and your descendants will be a blessing to all nations on earth.”

That’s deep! How sure are you that God will take what he’s asking you to give up for Him and turn it into something miraculous? Do you trust the Lord enough to know well Lord you said this and I know this so i’m going to give you this, trusting that you won’t leave me without and that this which I am sacrificing will be returned to me perfected and ready to be harvested.

God is waiting for you to give Him that Isaac, so He can show you that ram in the bush! He wants to see your willingness, that you are willing and ready. Give Him what you have so He can give you what He’s had for you since before you were formed in the womb. Trust the plans He has for you! It’s time out for giving God what we think is a good enough offering and give Him what He’s asking for.


At least that’s what Jay would say…


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