Perfect fit


Hey loves, I just want encourage y’all with a little something that dropped in my spirit a couple weeks ago at a group prayer meeting:

“who is big enough to sit in God’s throne? Who can occupy the whole space? Who’s strong enough to carry the entire burden of the world on His shoulders? Who is like your King?” Truly, who is comparable to the Lord of hosts? The self sufficient, omniscient God. He’s so mighty and His word displays that always. Victory rests with the Lord. All victories are His. They have his signature. When a painter (one worth his salt, that is) is creating one of his masterpieces he leave a signature all over that painting. That signature is so unique and profound that even after the painter has died, people are able to tell if it’s s true work of his or not, and if it’s found to be a try work the value of that painting increases exponentially. The signature could be the brush strokes or the type of canvas or the subject or even hidden initials strategically meshed into the actual picture, but nevertheless each and every inch of the painting is intentional. The painter looks at his finished work once he’s done and he says it’s finished and this is mine and he’s satisfied with his job. God has left his signature all over creation, and whether that be the way we prophecy or the way we pray or the way we dream or the way we speak, He is intentional and does nothing by accident. So when He said that we were made JOINT HEIRS with His son Jesus, it solidified that; all of His words, actions, plans, ideas are intentional. The victory is His, but because of this intentional mind towards us, it’s OURS! Walk through the rest of your days with the consciousness of these things.



Or maybe that’s just what Jay would say..





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  1. MnceOnline says:

    Wow, great message. I read it with a smile.

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    1. Oh thank you so much! I appreciate that you enjoyed it 🙂

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  2. MnceOnline says:

    Yes I did. And I say it again “great message”.

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