Speaking of Jay..

Who is Jay?

“Gods love runs rapidly through her! A quiet demeanor but a lioness roars underneath.”

Kim, Troy.

“Jaylah’s was always the funny sweet classy girl in high school! And is still very sweet and kind.”

Jaida, Madison Heights.

“You mean my cousin Jaylah whose eyebrows are always on fleek (side note do the kids say that still? I’m old)?”

Leandrea, Chesterfield.

“Amazing, kind-hearted, funny, talented, beautiful, warm, generous, giving, intelligent, positive, compassionate, loving, patient, sweet, forgiving.”

Katrina, Lake Worth.

“When Jaylah enters a room it lights up with positive energy and contagious smiled. True story!!”

Dawn, Troy.

“Jaylah is warm, fuzzy, poised, and kind. Her laugh is contagious and her presence is very soothing! She is a true friend.”

Elizabeth, East Lansing.

“Anointed living, holy ghost filled young lady with a powerful voice ready to shake up”

-Kenneth, Southfield.

“You don’t even want to know what i’m about to say..”

-Tyler, Fairfax.

“Jaylah has always had a passion for people. No matter how good or bad she is feeling, there is something in her that won’t let go of people. Growing up, she struggled a lot in private. Everything from eating disorders, to addictions, to major depressive disorder and all that lies in between, her mind was always her own worst enemy. However, as much as she struggled in private. she never let it affect the way she loved and cared for others (in fact, it was those private struggles that allowed her to be able to empathize with people of all variations. Soon, she found out how to love herself, how to truly love others, and what it meant to be submerged in inexplicable peace and joy: She found God. So today Jaylah started this blog to talk to others, to help others, and to continue being the gift that God created her to be. Welcome to her vision.”

-Jaylah, Here.