Daily Devotion

Isaiah 40:31 But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar like wings on eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

This world is full of things to worry about, even the Lord says that in His word, but there’s a never ending source of all we need in Him. Imagine it like this: You’re on vacation in some coastal region. You wake up and decide that on this particular day you would like to go hike the nearby trail that leads to a tucked away watering hole. The hike is 8 miles through trees and mud and steep inclines and stifling humidity, but you’ve been reassured that the trek will be well worth you efforts. You power through, your legs have small cuts from sharp branches, you ankles are itching terribly from bug bites, your hair has become something similar to a bird’s nest, and your clothes are sopping wet from perspiration, but despite all that, you do not give up. As the incline is getting noticeable steeper you start to hear the sound of water: You’re almost there! A few steps later and the tightly woven beautiful network of trees opens up what seems like a boundless expanse of green and blue: refreshing blue water encased in deep green low grass and moss. All that’s lefts is to jump. Its a long drop, but you can do it. You stand on the edge, take a deep breath, and leap. Your body feels weightless as you plummet toward the water. Your mind and body are telling you to fear for your life but your heart is telling you to be silent and relish in the free fall. You hit the water and your body goes under and gets lost for several seconds and then, after a little tossing and turning, you rise to the surface. You pop out of the water like a Jack-in-the-Box! You inhale deeply and that’s when you realize that they were right: The hike was worth it. The hike is life, that we know. We have to renew our strength every step of the way, otherwise we won’t make it to the place we’re trying to get. How do we renew our strength? We seek God’s face. He have to have hope that the words spoken about the place where we’re about to travel to is true, and we have to have hope that while we’re traveling through the mud and dirt, getting bit and stung and cut, that soon there will be a refreshing. We have to have hope in Him! The more we seek His face and hope in Him we will be strengthened so every step we take will be easier than the last. You aren’t hiking alone. Remember that.

Love Jay.


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